FOSHIO Car Wrap Viny Wrapping Tools Set Car Vinyl Film Install Suede Felt Squeegee

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FOSHIO Car Wrap Viny Wrapping Tools Set Car Vinyl Film Install Suede Felt Squeegee


Item: Widely Useful Vinyl Wrap Tool Kit
Material: Plastic, Silicone, Rubber, Felt, Metal
Color: Black

Package Includes:
1 x Felt Edge Squeegee with 3 x Spare Felt
1 x Silicone Rubber Squeegee
1 x Wrap Stick
1 x Go Corner Squeegee
1 x Rubber Blade Water Wiper
1 x Paddle Scraper with 3 x Spare Scrubber Felt
1 x Bulldozer Squeegee
1 x Rubber Blade Handled Scraper
1 x Suede Felt Squeegee (30cm Long)
1 x Cutting Knife with 5 x Spare Blades
1 x Plastic Razor Scraper with 10 x Spare Blades

1. Wrap Stick and Go Corner Squeegee, with different kinds terminal, suitable for small, round and narrow place.
2. Durable felt edge squeegee and 5-inch rubber squeegee are great for car vinyl wrapping, effectively remove bubbles and minimize scratches and reduce damage.
3. Long Handle Bulldozer Squeegee with a scouring pad, which makes doing the preparation cleaning for tinting much easier.
4. Ergonomic long handle bulldozer squeegee can reach hard-to-reach areas, effortlessly get into gasket and reach deep bottom of front and rear window.

Ideal for quick installations with minimal effort.
Widely used in wall decals, posters, types of window tint film, paint protection film, wallpaper installation, decals, solar film, and wrap film.
Suitable for car, motorcycle, truck, auto, boat, door, windows, glass, etc.

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