FOSHIO 100PCS 4inch Candy Waterproof Protective Vinyl Squeegee Edge Fabric Felt

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FOSHIO 100PCS 4inch Candy Waterproof Protective Vinyl Squeegee Edge Fabric Felt


1. Color: Red

2. Material: Fabric felt, glue

3. Size: 12.6 x 3 cm(5 x 1.2 inch)

4. Fitness: Suitable for all 4" /10 cm width squeegee.


1. Waterproof EVA sponge inter-layer make your scraper can be used even in wet ways.

2. Strong glue in the suede back side, the felt on the scraper will not loosen while working.

3. No extra scratches leave on vinyl film or flat surface. It can protect your finger as well.


1.Car vinyl film/sticker/decals/wrapper scraper, window tints tool, screen protection film installation tools.

2.Window cleaning tool, air bubble remover, old glue/sticker remover ,snow and water cleaning scraper.

3.Car styling tools, household DIY tool,squeegee protector.

Package includes: 100 pcs Edged felt( Not includes squeegee)

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