FOSHIO Wallpaper Smoothing Tool Kit Window Film Application Kit Smoothing Paste Brush Squeegee

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FOSHIO Wallpaper Smoothing Tool Kit Window Film Application Kit Smoothing Brush Squeegee


Package include:

1x paste brush, 1x wallpaper smoother brush;1x a seam roller,1x aluminum snap-off knife (with extra10pcs blades),1x razor blade scraper (with extra 5pcs blades),1x measuring tape, 1x 7.6 inch wallpaper squeegee,1x 12 inch felt squeegee and 4 inch felt squeegee.


-Paste Brush: The wallpaper brush is designed to apply the wallpaper paste evenly on the wallpaper. The 5" paste brush use for spreading wallcovering & border adhesive. It is sturdy enough to handle the thick paste but soft enough to spread nicely without scratching the paper.

-Wallpaper Smoothing Brush & Seam Roller: The brush can quickly remove dirt and help you obtain a clean surface. The brush is also great for smoothing textured wallpaper. It easily removed bubbles from underneath the paper without risk of tearing the paper. The seam roller is great for pressing seams, corners, border edges.

-7.6 Inch Flexible Wallpaper Squeegee: The wide blade allows for even coverage the first time. The edge is smooth and free of flaws. You are able to smooth the wallpaper away from the edge, with no creases or wrinkles. The rounded edge means no tears or affect to the finish.

-Felt Wallpaper Smoothing Tool: The 12inch felt squeegee built-in ruler measurements on it. The fabric felt edge material will help to prevent damage on surface. Our different size felt squeegees help prevent bubbled when working and provides a smooth install.

- Retractable Utility Knife & Measuring Tape: Aluminum handle utility knife is lightweight and comfortable to hold. Each long blade is composed of 6 tip durable blades, always keep your blade fresh and sharp by snapping off the blade for a new sharp cutting tip. The measuring tape make it so much easier and with much more precision when doing some remodeling with cuts and measurements.

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