FOSHIO Car Tint PPF Squeegee Soft Pink Rubber Scrapers Vinyl Wrapping Tinting Tools

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FOSHIO Soft Pink Rubber PPF Scrapers Vinyl Wrapping Tinting Tools Car Tint Squeegee


Material: rubber, TPU
Color: pink
Size: as the picture shows

Package includes:
large scraper × 1
X-style large scraper × 1
medium scraper × 1
X-style medium scraper × 1
mini scraper × 1


1. TPU rubber scraper is soft, doing no damage to your car window, windshield or body.
2. It is easy to use, making a film fit better and without leaving air bubbles or scratches.
3. Different sizes can meet your different needs, and reach narrow gaps.
4. It can also be used as a cleaning tool.


1. Old vinyl film and glue removing, car cleaning brush car styling tools.
2. Automotive film pasting, building film pasting special tools, vinyl film installing, window tint film installing, wall paper installation, car wrapping tools.
3. Household cleaning tools.
4. Car/window/mobile phone protective screen installing tool.


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