FOSHIO Silicone Water Wiper Squeegee Household Cleaning Shower Scraper

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FOSHIO Silicone Water Wiper Squeegee Household Cleaning Shower Scraper


Blade Material:Silicone
Handle Material:Stainless Steel

Package include: 1pcs silicone squeegee


   -SILICONE SQUEEGEE: The premium squeegee fully covered in silicon so it won’t scratch the glass. The blade width and handle size work perfectly together for easy to reach surfaces like shower enclosures, mirrors and windows. The blade clears water away without streaking.

-STAINLESS-STEEL INTERIOR CORE: The soft silicone cover on the stainless steel frame is a great and attractive design. Stainless steel core makes for a sturdy base and the edge is just soft enough to skim water off our shower glass very effectively.

   -ERGONOMIC AND NON-SLIP GRIP: The handle is easy to hold and the silicone coated material provides a non-slip grip without having to squeeze it too hard when your hands are wet.
  -STRONG SUCTION CUP HOLDER: Unscrew the rear knob extending the post so the suction cup clear from it's housing. Hold the knob as you press the suction cup firmly to the tile and tighten that knob completely. Hangs the glass squeegee in the suction cup on the wall or hangs on a hook through the hole in the handle.

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