FOSHIO Metal Heat Air Gun Holder Magnetic Basket Hot Gun Holder Support

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FOSHIO Metal Heat Air Gun Holder Magnetic Basket Hot Gun Holder


Color: Black
Material: Metal

Package include: (not include hot gun )
1 x Magnetic Holder Support
1. The black smooth magnetic surface can protect your car or window. You do not have to care about the scratches after using.
2. Strong magnets embedded within a slip resistant, scratch resistant coating making them the ideal solution for securely holding hot air gun, mount steadily.
3. Easy to move, where to work where to move there, convenient to use. When you work, you can keep the hot air gun at your fingertips anytime, anywhere.

No more bending, picking up, heating the film, carefully putting away, applying the film, etc.
That is over! From now on you won't have this problem any more. Just place the holder and you can apply, heat up, stretch, apply, heat up, stretch, etc. much faster.

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