FOSHIO Magnet No Scratch Suede Felt Vinyl Tint Wrap Squeegee

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FOSHIO Magnet No Scratch Suede Felt Vinyl Tint Wrap Squeegee


Material:Plastic,microfiber felt,magnet

Package include: 1pc x Magnetic microfiber felt squeegee;


1.Fan-shaped Magnetic Squeegee with Slim Microfiber Felt cloth----is one of the most versatile vinyl applicators for graphics, signs and vehicle vinyl wraps.

2.It is made with high quality materials, and designed with two parallel ridges or bumps down the center to give you a secure, slip-resistant grip. The magnets allowing tinters to stick the tool onto the surface of the car for positioning of material as well as just keeping the tool close at hand while working the vinyl.

3.Slim Microfiber Wings cloth----Moistening the microfiber edges of squeegees helps to minimize the risk of scratching and increases sliding characteristics . Water Resistance and optimally adjusted for wet application .


-Fan-shaped squeegee is used for automotive body foil film installation, mainly for curved surface, car lamp, door handle film installation...

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