FOSHIO Window Tint Squeegee Vinyl Wrapping Glass Cleaning Tool Sticker Protective Film Install Scraper

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FOSHIO Long Window Tint Squeegee Glass Car Cleaning Tool Vinyl Wrapping Sticker Protective Film Install Scraper


Product: soft rubber squeegee blade with anti-slip handle
Material:plastic, soft rubber
Color : grey, yellow
Package include : 1 x rubber squeegee


1. It can remove out more than 95% snow or water.
2. 4 soft rubber edge design: clean the water stains thoroughly and protect the surface of glass/window /car/kitchen at some time.
3. Independent hanging hole for convenient storage.
4. Unique anti slip design for the handle,it is great for grip.


1.Dry your Car and Windows in Seconds, removes over 95% of standing water. 2.Can be used for hard-to-reach areas in flat glass installation.

3.A super tinting tool for reaching behind the speakers.

4.A must-have handled squeegee for stroking auto film down along the sides and bottom edges of rear windows with ease and power.

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