FOSHIO 8" Silicone Roller Squeegee Vinyl Film Car Glue Sticker Remover Window Tint Paint Roller

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FOSHIO Silicone Vinyl Car Film Roller Water Glue Remove Scraper Window Tint Paint Roller Squeegee


Size: 8inch

Material: Silicone, Plastic, Metal

Package included: 1pcx Silicone Roller


-It is effectual on install windows film or LCD protective film or others film application.

-High anti-static ability and for multiple uses.


1. Faster and Easier than ever to clean up lint, hair, dust and more from almost any surface

2. Widely use in circuit board,LED display,PCB,LCD,LCM,TFT,SMT,printing plate,and other industry.

3. Great for cleaning delicate electronic items, LCD panels and screens.

4. Easy to transfer impurities to the sticky paper, so that to ensure silicones self-adhesive use for a long period.

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