FOSHIO PPF Squeegee Set Fusion Vinyl Window Tinting Squeegee

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FOSHIO 5PCS PPF Squeegee Set Fusion Vinyl Window Tinting Squeegee


Package includes:
large squeegee× 1
X-style large squeegee × 1
medium squeegee × 1
X-style medium squeegee × 1
mini squeegee × 1


1. TPU rubber scraper is soft, doing no damage to your car window, windshield or body.

2. It is easy to use, making a film fit better and without leaving air bubbles or scratches.

3.Rubber PPF Squeegee Vinyl Tinting Film Tool Squeegee for removing air bubbles,water wiper

4.Anti-Scratch Cleaning Rubber Stickers Install Vinyl Film Soft Wrapping Tint Tool PPF Squeegee

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