FOSHIO 10M Vinyl Wrap PPF Knifeless Tape Cutting Line Car Stickers Cut Tool Auto Paint Protective Film Cutter

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FOSHIO 10M Vinyl Wrap PPF Knifeless Tape Cutting Line Car Stickers Cut Tool Auto Paint Protective Film Cutter


Name: Car Skin invisible transparent protective film cutting line

Commodity also known as: Car Paint protective film cutting line, Anti Scratch Clear Transparent Film cutting , Car Bumper Hood Paint Protection Sticker cutting tape , modeling film cutting line, non-marking film cutting line, garland cutting film line

Material: polymer fiber tape, TPU, alloy

Size: 5mm x 10m

Cutting force: strong

Application Introduction:
---The invisible car clothing covering protective film cutting line is a very flexible self-adhesive tape. The back of the tape has a high-strength alloy flexible wire. When the alloy flexible wire is pulled out alone, it becomes a powerful cutting tool, which can perfectly Cut all kinds of TPU, TPH, rhino leather, transparent film, jersey, and color change film that are pasted on the tape.

-It is mainly used in the design line of the lacquered car jacket. It can be stretched, and can be pasted according to the contour corner to adjust various directions.

-Professional positioning and styling car garment cutting film line, as sharp as a blade cutting, no burrs on the corners.

1. Very powerful cutting force, which is stronger than the color film cutting line.
2. Protect the car paint, shape freely, and cut the film neatly.
3. It can be adjusted in various directions, and the 90-degree turning shape will not go off the line or degumming.
4. No trace, good toughness.
5. Partial drawing is no longer difficult, and various drawing patterns can be cut at will, and the operation is simple and convenient.

Package include: 1pc x 50m knifeless tape

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