FOSHIO 3Pcs Car Tint Rubber Squeegee Window Glass Cleaning Scraper Tool

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FOSHIO 3Pcs Car Tint Rubber Squeegee Window Glass Cleaning Scraper Tool


Material: plastic+rubber

Rubber Blade length: 17.1cm

Hardness: 80A(blue), 85A(red), 90A(black)

Package include: 3pcs handle rubber squeegee


1.Window tint tools includes 3 PCS silicone squeegee, 3 color designs for easy differentiation, different hardness for different working demands. Silicone scraper with smooth beveled edge is recommended for paint protection film application and vinyl applications.

2. Vinyl squeegee edge is yet very soft when used during wet application, soft rubber squeegee also perfect for paint protection, vinyl signs, window tint and graphic installation. It follows every contour of the surface you are working on. Small squeegee also perfect for small area water removal, e.g., wing mirror, wash-basin, Kitchen countertop.

3. Made of newer material high-performance silicone, compare to durable though stiff rubber, silicone blades are softer and more flexible, safe for all surface. Silicone blades are effective on glass, tile, mirrors, slick water off glass without scratching the surface.

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